10 Operational and Personal Security Blogs You Should Be Following

The internet is a big place and no matter how much info is collected in one place there is always more to be had from different sources. Even though The Survivalist Blog brings you the freshest and most relevant info on a wide array of topics pertaining to survival, preparation and self-sufficiency, you should still strive to broaden your horizons when it comes to your education.

Below you’ll find 10 blogs that we here at TSB like and recommend. They all offer different presentations and focus on different elements of preparation for the threats you may face. Some focus on self-defense, while others are more concerned with mindset, and still others are generalist, but all of them are providing top-notch info to people like you and me!

So read through the list and head over to their sites the next time you are cruising for a drink from a different fountain!

1. Imminent Threat Solutions – www.itstactical.com

ITS has been around for 9 whole years, (that’s practically forever in internet years!) providing detailed information and guides on everything from survival basics and useful knowledge like knot-tying to intricate dissertations on weaponcraft and analyses of what kind of colored light impacts your night vision the least. They have extensive archives of content spread across various sections organized by application.

ITS is known for their clean, clear and friendly presentation in all of their content, from their articles to their videos and you won’t find any tough-guy posturing or bias throughout. To top it off, they sell a variety of high quality gear through their web store. Highly recommended.

2. Red Teams Blog – www.redteams.net

“Red Teaming” is defined as simulating your enemies’ tactics and way of thinking, typically for the purposes of testing and improving defense against them. A “red team” is the cell carrying out the stress test against the good guys. The Red Teams blog has a definite bend toward infosec and site security, but their insights and articles on security in general, especially anticipating your enemies and ruthlessly analyzing your own weaknesses are invaluable.

When you start to apply this mindset to everything you do you will foster adaptability and resiliency against dedicated threats. Their blog can drift into pretty esoteric territory occasionally, but is a favorite resource of some of our staff here at TSB. Check them out!

3. Mountain Guerilla – www.mountainguerilla.wordpress.com

The blog of John Mosby is a treasure trove of info borne of experience. His treatises on austere survival, weapons, small-unit tactics and self-sufficiency skills are all uniformly excellent, but it his sermons on building a tight-knit group of like-minded people and surviving, even thriving, in the wake of a dead or dying nation that will really get you thinking about long-term planning.

There are few that can match his expertise in these matters. Mr. Mosby also provides training periodically and has written some very excellent doorstopper books that should be high on the list of any serious prepper.

4. Active Response Training – www.activeresponsetraining.net

Active Response Training is the outfit of Greg “Gorillafritz” Ellifritz: cop, part-time adventurer and trainer. His blog is packed with posts on everything from firearm selection to personal security and development of soft skills.  He makes it a point to preach about the dangers of emergent and less-flashy threats, and is fond of dissecting the gaps in people’s awareness or reasoning.

He also hosts regular classes, so if you like what he is cooking you can get training from the man himself.

5. Pistol-Training – www.pistol-training.com

The excellent blog and forum of the late and beloved Todd Green, Pistol-Training.com is an excellent resource for pistol and concealed carry centric skill development and refinement of your training practices. I know, hard to believe with a name like that! The sheer amount of nuts-and-bolts info and exhaustive analysis on all-things-handgun is hard to beat.

If you rely on a pistol in any capacity, this place needs to be on your list.

6. Blue Sheepdog – www.bluesheepdog.com

As you might guess from the name, a blog for cops, by cops. Many of the articles deal specifically with the profession of policing but there is much value to be gained for any one on the topics of awareness, de-escalation and after-action incident reports.

They also pepper this heavier content with gear and equipment reviews with a strong bent towards reliable kit that can survive repeated rough use working a beat.

7. The Cornered Cat – www.corneredcat.com

The website of Kathy Jackson, a firearms trainer, mom and freelance writer. Her site is women-centric, but she places heavy emphasis on guns for “normal people” and new shooters. She discusses making guns a part of everyday life successfully across situations like raising children around guns correctly, keeping guns in the home, firearms selection and making the most of a gun you have.

Far than just a “mom with gun” page, Kathy’s blog is an excellent resource and first stop for onboarding neophytes into the way of the gun and getting them in gear with integrating it into their lifestyle.

8. Survival Blog – www.survivalblog.com

A long runner in the preparedness and self-sufficiency sector, the Survival Blog takes a more everyman approach to readiness than some of the more Apocalypse-minded survival sites out there. Some of the writing can vary a bit in overall quality, but the quantity more than makes up for it. Of particular interest to some will be their detailed posts on financial preparation for dealing with disasters.

9. Surviving in Argentina – https://ferfal.blogspot.com/

A nearly peerless look into day to day survival after a catastrophe. The writer of the blog lives in Argentina and has chronicled his trials and travails there after the economic collapse of circa 2001. Full of insights, grim lessons and hard-learned wisdom, this site more than most will give you a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of survival.


The above blogs represent some of the best collected writings on topics pertaining to personal and operational security. Be sure to check them all out. We know you’ll get something from each of them.

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  1. This is a nice list & I’ve made note of the URL’s for later perusal; but, I’m already involved in too many real world events to be involved with more online information for now.
    From EMA & CERT to my radio club and mentoring new hams, to attending numerous classes as both a student and instructor my plate is near to overflowing most of the time. I’m also trying to get some additional antennas installed before it gets much colder and trying to finish some articles, as soon as I finish my taxes (hopefully sometime today).
    Warning to all of you that are not yet retired, for some reason you always seem to end up busier than when you were working. I had older friends tell me this and I thought them crazy; but, it seems that they were right.


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