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Newbie Prepper? 6 Things To Do and 10 Things to Get ASAP!

If you’ve just started to prep, we have quick list of things to get and do ASAP. An emergency might be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should panic. The only way to prep is the rational way.

The Full List of Bug out Bag Items

If you’re looking to build a bug out bag, you should definitely consult our checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything essential.

How to Start Homesteading on 1 Acre

If you have about 1 acre of land, you can definitely start a solid homestead. We let you in what some of the things to look out for are before you begin.

Shooter’s Remorse: Definitely Don’t Buy These Guns

There are plenty of firearms worth buying, but there are others that are simply not worth your hard-earned money. We tell you which ones to stay away from.

3 Homemade Mosquito Traps That Are Dirt-Cheap

Whether you’re out hiking or camping, or if you’re worried mosquitoes will bother you during a bug out, we have a few DIY traps that are easy to set up.

How to Build a Potato Box for Almost Free

A potato box is a small and fun DIY project you can try to do on your own, or with your kids. You might even be able to do the whole thing for free!

30 Amazing Prepper Tips

I’m willing to bet you didn’t know most of the juicy survival tips in this article…

A Quest for the Perfect Get Home Bag

A get home bag (GHB) is a small backpack with survival essentials that you should have with you when away from home.

Think of it as an extension of your everyday carry kit (EDC): full of survival supplies to help you get home fast in an emergency.

The Single Most Probable SHTF Event

There’s a lot of speculation about what the next large-scale event might be. Anything can happen, but that doesn’t mean all disaster scenarios have equal chances.

You want to be prepared for as many dangers as possible, but you should do it in decreasing order of the probability of them occurring.