How Much Wood Do I Need to Heat a House

Despite the prevalence of electric and natural gas heating, old-fashioned wood heat is still a standby for much of the world and throughout the United States. In a fireplace or in a wood stove, heating a home with wood is reliable and a dependable option for primary or supplementary heating alike. But unlike electric and … Read more

Question: What Exactly Is Grey Water?

We often hear about water conservation and the importance of using less water in this day and age. Especially for homesteaders or anyone living in a place where water is scarce and precious, the pressure is really on to get as much “mileage” from your water as possible. A method that is commonly recommended to … Read more

So, How Long Does Propane Last?

Propane has much to commend it as a fuel source, especially for the purposes of disaster readiness and SHTF preparation. Propane is efficient and adaptable, capable of fueling all kinds of appliances and tools, large or small, and even vehicles that are adapted to run on it. Propane is great, but only as long as … Read more

Is It Legal to Live Off the Grid in the USA?

1 acre homestead land

In prepping circles, living “off the grid” is seen as the logical conclusion to the journey of personal preparedness and self-sufficiency. The idea of growing or otherwise creating everything you need and not relying on society or any of its trappings, including its public services, is definitely appealing. But we live in an era of … Read more

How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

Though most homes in the United States rely on electric heat, there are still many regions and many more parts in the world that rely on oil heated furnaces. Particularly in the northern parts of the country and major metro areas oil heated homes are prevalent, necessitating the use of above or below ground heating … Read more

How Much Land Do You Need to Be Self-Sufficient

1 acre homestead land

For a great many preppers, their dream or at least their ultimate prep seems to be a homestead of their very own where they are completely, totally self-sufficient. Dependent upon no one else except their family if they have one and certainly not upon their government or any municipality. If you ask them about it … Read more