Can You Refill a Bic Lighter?

There’s hardly any lighter that is more iconic, or ubiquitous, than the humble Bic. Seemingly sold by the billions and found everywhere, there’s not much to these cheap little lighters. They work, and being disposable when they run out of fuel you just throw them away. What could be simpler? But considering that they are … Read more

This is How Strong Paracord Really Is

If you ask any prepper what one tool was that they would never go without, they would probably answer paracord. Cordage is always valued in a survival situation, and many other situations besides, but out of all the kinds of cordage you might have paracord reigns supreme as one of the best all-around choices. It … Read more

What’s the Max Distance my Ham Radio Will Work?

As preppers, maintaining your own self-contained methods of long-distance communication is a great idea. When things get really bad, you probably won’t be able to depend on landlines and cell phones, to say nothing of the internet, especially in an emergency situation. However, you will be able to depend on the radio so long as … Read more

How Long Do Generators Typically Last?

Baquieira gasoline generator

Generators are not only vital for providing your own off-grid electricity in long and short-term survival situations, but also for keeping the lights on and your usual appliances and tools running during common power outages. Be it bad weather, a natural disaster, or a society-toppling event, having a generator on hand will be comforting indeed. … Read more

The Best 33 Best Military Watches to Get

Hikers and outdoorsmen are exposed to some harsh conditions including but not limited to extreme temperatures, submersion in water, and impact damage. The problem with watches is that they’re often very expensive and you don’t always know what you’re getting until you’ve got it. With that in mind, let’s go over some criteria. What do … Read more

12 Crucial Survival Items You Probably Forgot About

A big part of getting ready for various survival scenarios is having the right gear and supplies on hand, what you might call material preparation. As all seasoned preppers know, there is a seemingly limitless amount of stuff that we should have on hand to cover our bases against the most likely contingencies. We need … Read more