How Does a Red Dot Magnifier Work?

Red dot sights are overwhelmingly popular sighting systems for firearms, and can be found on anything with a trigger these days, including compact handguns designed for concealed carry. RDSs boast excellent target acquisition speed and ease-of-use, supreme durability, and increasingly lengthy battery lives that neutralize one of their chief shortcomings, a near total dependence on … Read more

How to Start Prepping FAST

survival items

Being overtaken by events that you have absolutely no control over and no way to influence can cause a chunk of ice to form in the pit of your stomach. That feeling of powerlessness is indelible, and often leaves a lasting impression on people that experience it. This is rarely more true than when facing … Read more

Pandemic Preparedness: Full List of 21 Essentials

A pandemic is a major event, no two ways about it. On the lower end of the intensity scale, they can bring entire nations, and potentially even the entire globe grinding to a halt. On the higher end, civilizations can be severely disrupted, and it may kill a truly unimaginable amount of people; mountains of … Read more

Ruger SR22 vs. Walther P22Q

There is no shortage of quality .22 pistols on the market today, and there is seemingly a model and accompanying variant that can suit any task or purpose. From intricately crafted Olympic-grade free pistols that can produce hair-splitting accuracy to ruggedized, optic ready fullsize handguns that closely replicate their service caliber counterparts. The only possible … Read more

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Natural Disasters

You can ask any prepper what they are most worried about, what they are most concerned with preparing for, and chances are they will respond what’s an answer about some kind of natural disaster. That is with good reason: natural disasters are one of those things that we just cannot stop. We can forestall or … Read more

Overview of the Henry AR7

For preppers of all stripes, the concept of a takedown firearm has considerable appeal. Perhaps it is the notion of keeping a rifle in a bag, compartment or other space that you normally could not fit one in. Some others see no need for a more conventional firearm when the only expected use is in … Read more

How to Drive Through a High-Risk Environment

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It doesn’t take much imagination to see how performance driving skills can increase survivability on the highways and interstates of America and elsewhere in the world. Considering all the things that can go wrong on the roadways and all the surprises you’ll have to deal with, knowing how to handle your vehicle at speed while … Read more

Review of the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380

Our readers know we are big fans of Smith & Wesson handguns here and for good reason. Pound for pound they make some of the very best semi-autos and revolvers that money can buy. No matter your preferences and objectives you can rest assured that Smith & Wesson has a pistol for you. You are … Read more

Review of the AR500 Body Armor

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Body armor is a piece of protection that has long been on the “Get List” for preppers of all stripes, especially those who are more of a “defensive” persuasion. Beyond its obvious application for keeping screaming hot pieces of lead out of your tender insides when embroiled in a gunfight, it affords a measure of … Read more