20 DIY Weapons that May Save Your Life!

Most preppers understand the importance of having a defensive weapon close at hand. Evil has always existed in the world and probably will always exist, and that means you must be prepared to confront it if you don’t want to be made a victim. Thankfully, if you live in a free country you’ll have plenty … Read more

How to Win a Street Fight


Chances are you will have had occasion to talk to someone about fighting before in your life. Does it ever strike you as a little bit funny that everyone you talk to is a hardened fighter who knows just what to do, and if they were attacked like that fella was over there or this … Read more

How to Escape Being Followed

dark alley chase

We have all seen the scenario play out in movies: our protagonist, perhaps an everyman or maybe a trained agent of espionage is walking down a busy street or hanging around in a bar or café. He notices the furtive, sidelong glances being directed his way by someone trying way too hard to be inconspicuous. … Read more

When You Can and Cannot Use Lethal Force

woman using gun to defend herself

The subject of lethal force by civilians in a defensive context is absolutely riddled with hearsay, falsehood and outright idiotic opinion. There is little excuse for this among serious students of self-defense in light of the internet and the unfettered access to expert opinion, state statutes and legal precedent it provides. There is more than … Read more