The Real Truth About Executive Order 13603

truth in politics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve probably heard a ton of news reports and people talking about Presidential executive orders, especially executive order 13603, signed by Barack Obama in 2012. But what is an executive order (EO) and is it different than a law? How often do executive orders … Read more

Memorial Day 2019

man kneeling next to tombstone

Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us. The unofficial start to summer is always filled with BBQs, gatherings of family and friends, adult beverages, and outdoor fun. While all of that is fine, “Decoration Day” as my grandmother always called it, should be about so much more than frollicking in the sun. It has to … Read more

Why You Should Stop Watching The Walking Dead

the walking dead season 1 cover

The Walking Dead has been one of the biggest smash-hit shows of the last decade. Based on the comics of the same name, The Walking Dead quickly amassed fans way back when it premiered on October 31st of 2010 for its gut-wrenching gore, motley cast of characters and incredibly bleak setting. All elements that made … Read more

Stand Your Ground Laws in Various States

court room

Anyone even tangentially interested in guns, gun control and self-defense has likely heard much fevered discussion and clutching of pearls over the “Stand Your Ground Law” that seems to be sweeping the nation. Gun advocates cheer for it, and cite it as the chief defense of citizens’ use of force in response to an attack. … Read more

Preppers versus Survivalists: What’s the Difference?

man in the wilderness

When it comes to the world of prepping and survival, there are a lot of different strategies and concepts to learn. Although often used interchangeably by beginners, this article will primarily discuss preppers versus survivalists: what’s the difference? In order to do that, we’ll first define each term as we see it and provide some … Read more

Is the Prospect of World War III just a Big Lie?

ww3 featured

World War III. The Big One. The (Presumed) End of Life as We Know It. There is no other prospective event that so captures the imaginations the public at large. The military plans and practices for it. Politicians bloviate about it. Hollywood churns out movies about it. Authors and game designers craft intricate narratives about … Read more

My Story of How I Became a Prepper

atv in the woods

My journey to become a prepper started in 2011. Until one fateful day in July, I had mocked my beloved husband’s survivalistic tendencies. I would roll my eyes when I walked into the root cellar substitute room in our basement to grab something and had to maneuver around his buckets of long-term storage food and … Read more