How to Set up a Black-out Kit

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If you’ve read my articles before, you know I’m a big fan of a personal threat matrix. A threat matrix defines the events that are most likely to affect you and their impact. While preppers love to imagine EMPs and widespread grid-down scenarios, a simple blackout of a day or two is much more likely. … Read more

How Long Will an EMP and its Aftermath Last

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EMPs: Electromagnetic Pulses. To many preppers, EMPs are seen as the penultimate doomsday event. Be they a naturally occurring phenomenon or the byproduct of man-made superweapons, EMPs are theorized to knock humanity back to an Industrial Age state of being in a literal blink, or perhaps even worse. By disabling or destroying any electrical device … Read more

EMP Attack Survival and Preparedness

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Surviving an EMP requires diligent planning. While the basics of survival are all the same no matter what type of disaster you are most concerned about, planning to maintain as much functionality as possible after and EMP, does mandate taking a laundry list of specific precautions. Before you can adequately prepare for an EMP, you … Read more