How to Find Survivalist Friends

Although we’re living in times of political and social turmoil, most people still don’t see the usefulness of prepping. As a result, many of the good preppers feel lonely and misunderstood, even when they’re part of a numerous family.

One thing is clear, though: with the advent of the Internet and social media, people have started to get together based on hobbies, passions and interests. Those willing to look for likeminded people will eventually find them; it’s just a matter of putting in the effort.

This is why I think my article will help: it’ll give you some good ideas on where to find other preppers. You probably thought about some of them but didn’t do much or maybe not enough.

Why would you want to make friends in the first place? Isn’t it better if no one knew about your preps, particularly strangers?

Look, you don’t have to spill the beans on where your bug out locations are, or on how big a stockpile you have. Get in touch with likeminded folks to:

  • learn new things
  • get rid of that feeling that you’re alone in this
  • have someone to talk to without judging
  • learn from their mistakes
  • provide moral support and motivate each-other to improve your prepping skills and stockpile
  • maybe even to establish a prepper group (e.g. you could provide shelter for each-other in case of emergency)

So how do you make survivalist friends?

#1. The Internet is the Best Place to Find Them

You can do this without revealing too much about yourself online. If you’re really afraid someone will track you down, you can go as far as using anonymous browsers such as Tor, anonymous search engines and VPN connections to surf securely online.

The top places to find preppers online are:

  • forums (you need to register but no one really checks the validity of what you input)
  • inside blogs’ commenting sections
  • dating sites for preppers (yes, they exist, even the famous site PlentyOfFish allow you to browse profiles based on this interest)

How do you find them? Well, just you a search engine and type “survival forum”, “prepper forum, “survival blog” and so on. And don’t worry about getting into verbal conflicts online. Since survival has a political aspect, there are plenty of quick-tempered keyboard warriors out there who say things online they’d never say face-to-face.

#2. People Interested in Right-Wing Politics

You’re much more likely to find someone into right-wing politics or libertarianism than to find a prepper. Politics is always a good conversation starter, provided you’re on the same side.

Though some preppers are libertarian and others have no political affiliation, I think it’s safe to assume that, when you meet someone who’s a right winger, that person may prove to be a prepper (or start prepping at some point along the way).

#3. At Flea Markets, Prepping Expos, Prepper Camps and Outdoor Events

Since many folks interested in bushcraft are also preppers, you can go to any kind of event that’s related to prepping: gun shows, crafting workshops, gardening or permaculture classes and on and on. If you take the top survival blogs you rad and look at the menu, you’ll find plenty of categories to find expos and seminars to attend: woodworking, primitive skills and so on.

#4. Start Recruiting Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers

You don’t have to talk about prepping out of the blue, but could find common ground. Some folks like to fish, hunt, hike, or garden. All of these topics and more are good starting points.

#5. Join a Political Party

I’m not saying we should all go into politics, but maybe you’ll like it. You’ll most likely run into preppers and, even if you don’t, you’ll feel proud of yourself for trying to make your country better. You’ll actually get the feeling that you’re doing something.

Ok, You Found Them, Now What?

Friends are friends, you never know what they are up to. They might quit prepping at some point, maybe they’ll remember where you keep your stash when SHTF and they are desperate. Rule #1 is to avoid telling them critical details about your preps. This includes:

  • your bug out location(s)
  • your cache locations
  • if and where you have valuables inside your house
  • how large is your stockpile (food, water, guns, ammo etc.)

So what can you talk about? Things like:

  • survival skills
  • where to find the best deals on survival food, gear etc.
  • survival plans
  • the “how to” of prepping and homesteading
  • mistakes you or him have made
  • and, of course, politics

So long as you don’t give specifics, you have nothing to worry about.

Should You Join an Offline Prepper Group?

Of course you can, but only after you’ve made sure each member is trustworthy. You still don’t have to reveal intimate details (not at first, anyway) about your preps but you will have to be more open about your plans, because these people may become a part of them.

Prepper groups can be beneficial in SHTF situations because:

  • they can alert you of disasters before the media does
  • they can tell you which routes are safest for bugging out
  • you can buy land together for a bug out location / homestead
  • you can bug out together (because there’s safety in numbers)

Final Words

Well, there you have it. I think I’ve proven just how valuable having a prepper friend can be. I think the more prepper friends you have, the better, because they might be the ones who’ll support you to continue to prepare when you might feel you want to quit.

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  1. “Join a Political Party

    I’m not saying we should all go into politics, but maybe you’ll like it. You’ll most likely run into preppers and, even if you don’t, you’ll feel proud of yourself for trying to make your country better. You’ll actually get the feeling that you’re doing something.”

    Or actually start working not for personal profit and wealth but for a stronger, more safe & sustainable community, volunteering your time and skills to help others rather than just hoarding resources, restoring some sense of unity to the country.”Prepping” used to mean pitching in to help your country, not just yourself and those who share your political ideals. This country used to think “survival” meant working hard to ensure our children and grandchildren had sustainable communities, good union jobs, free education, time to spend with family, and health care. Now all anyone wants is to destroy things from which they can’t wring some immediate personal benefit, and be wealthy enough to not have to deal with “others.” Fuck that. And fuck you. Y’all have about a hundred-year sense of history. Try reading a little: Johan Huizinga, Thomas Carlyle, Steven Kreis, Michael Fitzsimmons. I read blog entries like Dan’s above and think to myself, holy shit, I came here hoping to read something half-way informed by history or at least moral reasoning. Instead I get pithy nuggets like “friends are friends, you never know what they’re up to.”


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