The Easiest Peach Preserve Recipe

Canning jams, jellies, and preserves has become one of my favorite summertime activities. My husband, Bobby, was the canner in the family, and I was the dehydrating expert, until 2 years ago. Since we have a large survival homesteading retreat and are growing and raising the bulk of our own food now, he decided it was time for me to learn how to water bath and pressure can as well.

I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed canning, and even our then 23-year-old daughter fell in love with it also, and became my canning helper. I still leave the pressure canning to Bobby as much as possible, I have an irrational fear of the pressure cooker exploding that I am still working to get past.

If you have fruit trees, a lucky enough to have a loved one with fruit trees who shares, or simply score a great deal on peaches at the local supermarket, you should try you hand at making your own peach spreads. It is both an easy and fun way to stockpile more healthy and inexpensive shelf stable food.

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Peach Preserves Recipe


  • 12 peaches chopped, peeled, with the pits removed
  • 2 ounces dry pectin (that's typically 1 package)
  • 4 1/2 cups sugar


  • Place the peaches into a medium to large pot.
  • Set the stove to a medium heat and slowly bring to a boil.
  • Cook the peaches for 20 minutes. They will become more than a bit liquidy.
  • Turn off the heat and stir in the sugar.
  • Stir in the pectin slowly, bring the mixture to a boil, and hold it there for about 60 seconds.
  • Pour the peach preserves into Mason jars, attach the lids and rings.
  • Water bath can the peach preserves for 10 minutes.
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