How Long Do Generators Typically Last?

Baquieira gasoline generator

Generators are not only vital for providing your own off-grid electricity in long and short-term survival situations, but also for keeping the lights on and your usual appliances and tools running during common power outages. Be it bad weather, a natural disaster, or a society-toppling event, having a generator on hand will be comforting indeed. … Read more

Is it Okay to Drink Water from a Waterfall?

Hydration is essential to life and is a critical survival priority. As a resource, it is second only to air in importance. Finding water in the wild during a survival situation or just an extended trek is vital and in such cases what could be more of a blessing than seeing a beautiful waterfall rushing … Read more

Question: What Exactly Is Grey Water?

We often hear about water conservation and the importance of using less water in this day and age. Especially for homesteaders or anyone living in a place where water is scarce and precious, the pressure is really on to get as much “mileage” from your water as possible. A method that is commonly recommended to … Read more

How Preppers Can Achieve Financial Freedom

It’s no secret that preppers are preparing for some sort of hard times. Whether it’s a natural disaster, economic collapse, or something else, they know that things could go south quickly. One of the most important aspects of prepping is financial readiness. Many preppers are prepared for physical dangers but neglect to prepare for intangible … Read more

The Best 33 Best Military Watches to Get

Hikers and outdoorsmen are exposed to some harsh conditions including but not limited to extreme temperatures, submersion in water, and impact damage. The problem with watches is that they’re often very expensive and you don’t always know what you’re getting until you’ve got it. With that in mind, let’s go over some criteria. What do … Read more

36 Delicious Dutch Oven Skillet Recipes

marinated chicken in cast iron skillet

A Dutch Oven is a must-have for a prepper because providing it’s a plain cast iron one versus the enameled version, you can cook over campfires, on gas stoves, and even in electric ovens. The range of meals you can make, ranging from sweet to savory, is endless. This is what preppers, hunters, and campers … Read more

40 Smoker Recipes From Around the World

For thousands of years smoking food has been a way of preserving an abundance of produce for leaner times. Even today you will see people in various countries around the world who do not have access to refrigeration smoking their food outdoors over small fires – most often it is fish, but a variety of … Read more