The Basics of Bug out Bags and Bugging Out

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If you are just coming around to making personal preparedness a routine part of your lifestyle, or are just tooling around on this site, you are bound to see the same terms pop up repeatedly. Like any other group, skill or lifestyle, preppers use their own lingo and nomenclature to easily and quickly relate common … Read more

What Are You Going to Do If…?

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When you stop and think about it, it is pretty scary and more than a little bewildering to consider just how much can possibly go wrong, and in all kinds of ways. It’s enough to make you button up the house and never come out. Ok, I’m exaggerating. A little. Not much, but a little. … Read more

Taking Care of Dental Emergencies Post-SHTF

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Medical preps are the most difficult aspect of any survival plan – and toothache remedies are not exception. Actually, it is usually a bit more difficult acquire a quality toothache and SHTF oral care and repair kit than it is to buy or assemble an emergency medical kit. Growing your own apothecary should be a … Read more

7 Hunter-Gatherer Skills You Should Practice

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When it comes to prepping, one of the most commonly asked questions revolves around what kind of event is coming and how to make sure you are prepared for it when it comes. There are in fact such a wide range of events that could occur that it’s nearly impossible to prepare specifically for all … Read more

How to Bug Out in an RV


When SHTF and it becomes clear that home is no longer safe, most people plan to bug out. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the resources to buy or set up a bug out retreat in another location for just such an event, all you have to do is get there. … Read more