How Long do Bic and Zippo Lighters Last?

Few are the preppers who will go without fire-starting tools as part of their bug-out kits or even their EDC. Lighters are usually on the frontlines of fire-starting duty and among lighters there are two standout options for preppers: the ubiquitous Bic and the legendary Zippo. Naturally, the debate rages over which is best. With … Read more

How Long Will an EMP and its Aftermath Last

power grid

EMPs: Electromagnetic Pulses. To many preppers, EMPs are seen as the penultimate doomsday event. Be they a naturally occurring phenomenon or the byproduct of man-made superweapons, EMPs are theorized to knock humanity back to an Industrial Age state of being in a literal blink, or perhaps even worse. By disabling or destroying any electrical device … Read more

10 Ingenious Uses for Sandbags

sand bags

Sandbags. One tool that is indispensable for dealing with rising water, be it from a river that has crested its banks or a biblical deluge that is turning a once dry suburb into a drowned wasteland. Sandbags are laborious to fill and take time to emplace, but there is little that can do what they … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Save Money Prepping

save money prepping featured

Prepping, no matter how you do it, takes a certain financial commitment. Prepping is in many ways a lot like saving in that you have to do without and sacrifice today to ensure a better tomorrow. But unlike traditional piggy banking, you won’t see a return on your investment unless things go wrong, like bad … Read more

Why You Should Stop Watching The Walking Dead

the walking dead season 1 cover

The Walking Dead has been one of the biggest smash-hit shows of the last decade. Based on the comics of the same name, The Walking Dead quickly amassed fans way back when it premiered on October 31st of 2010 for its gut-wrenching gore, motley cast of characters and incredibly bleak setting. All elements that made … Read more

How to Wipe Your Butt Post-SHTF

toilet paper roll

Good sanitary practices and procedures are a big part of what makes modern life in advanced societies so nice. Without sanitation, germs wreak their deadly havoc with frightening ease and the ensuing epidemics can decimate entire populations. You can imagine how quickly any smaller group of people living in close proximity to one another could … Read more

Best Guns to Have for SHTF

guns and mags

A major disaster, the kind that means life as you know it grinds to a halt and the lights will be a long time in coming back on if they come back at all, will upset the modern order of things. You will not be able to count on the police and other government forces … Read more

Maglites: Are they Worth It?

maglites in front of backpack

Maglite (or Mag-Lite, if you are a pedant) is one of the most recognized names in flashlights. Around since  1979, their flagship light was and remains a gigantic multi D-cell monster that was a standard tool on the belts of cops, tradesmen and other blue-collar professionals from the 80’s all the way through the 1990’s … Read more