How to Set up a Black-out Kit

blackout kit

If you’ve read my articles before, you know I’m a big fan of a personal threat matrix. A threat matrix defines the events that are most likely to affect you and their impact. While preppers love to imagine EMPs and widespread grid-down scenarios, a simple blackout of a day or two is much more likely. … Read more

Beans Stockpile: How to Store Enough for SHTF

beans inside Mylar bags

Long-term storage requires stability, nutritional balance, and cost. There’s no wonder preppers love beans. They have it all! Carbohydrates for energy, protein for structure, and versatility! Last but not least, they are cheap. Preppers love beans so much they form the foundation of the prepper mantra “Beans, Bullets, and Bandages.” To a prepper, beans represent … Read more

Rice Storage: How to Store Large Amounts

rice in Mylar bag in bucket

As the saying goes… Rice is nice! The world uses rice. The world needs rice. In some parts of the world, the majority of a person’s calories come from rice. This is their main food and they use extensively. Or it’s their only food. In times of need, rice is the first food brought by … Read more

DIY Your Survival Electronics Kit

a blackout kit

Lions and tigers and EMPs, Oh My! The quintessential survival scenario is an EMP. Power’s out! No pesky fallout to evade! No foreign invaders on our shores (yet!). It’s just me, my family, and a metric ton of ammo. And not a working cell phone in sight. Who could ask for anything more? Regardless of … Read more

50 Urban Survival Skills You Should Practice

Most preppers are a little too fond of gear and information gathering. What we all tend to lack is practical application of skills. Make an honest comparison of your ammo cache with the practical skills gained from applying half those dollars to training. Skill building does not need to be expensive. When was the last … Read more